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Consumer Advocacy Protection Program

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Goals and Purpose:

  • Provide an impartial, inexpensive, and expedited process for resolving consumer concerns—goal is to protect consumers and contractors alike from predatory contractors and unscrupulous third parties “investigators.”
  • Distinguish the highest quality, most reputable, contractors from others, even within the RSCA.
  • Present the RSCA membership as industry leaders in assuring consumers of quality services.


    • Program available to all RSCA member contractors and all consumers associated with those members, both prior to and after members provide services, subject to the guidelines detailed below. The agreement, and compensation paid for the investigation, shall be with the member contractor (company, not an individual).
    • RSCA members who commit to participate shall receive a special designation (“Preferred Member”).
    • No RSCA members shall be obligated to participate. No negative aspersions for failing to commit.
    • Focus on developing a reputation as “consumer advocates” similar to the Better Business Bureau and National Roofing Contractors Association.

    How the CAP Program works:

    • When a complaint is received, three anonymous (to RSCA member and consumer) investigators are promptly sent to review the job.
    • Investigating teams made up of experienced RSCA Members, with varied backgrounds, but specific to the type of job involved (residential, commercial, etc.).
    • Investigators shall follow NRCA guidelines. Investigators use discretion in how they write up the report.
    • Each party pays their share of the inspection costs (initially estimated at $250 each—this figure subject to review). Contractor reimburses consumer this amount if consumer’s complaint is substantially confirmed (but must set the standard at more than “punch list” type items).

    • Investigators agree not to disseminate information. Parties agree not to sue investigators.

    • Report remains confidential to the parties involved.

    • Contractor shall comply with the findings of the investigators. Membership may be revoked if the contractor fails to comply with the report, in the discretion of the administrators of the program. Program administrators TBD.

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